How should we handle a work that contains part of another work

For example, the Kate Bush song “In Search of Peter Pan” contains an excerpt from “When You Wish Upon a Star”. As far as I can see, there’s no way to represent that. “Based on” isn’t really relevant. I could add a “Partial Recording” at the recording level, but I think it should be a work level relationship.

Do you think it would be worthwhile to create a new Work->Work relationship “Contains excerpt of”/“Is excerpted in”?

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When this comes up I do a “samples” relationship on recordings to match where the original sample came from.
I also do a work “is based on” work relationship to indicate that this song contains part of another song.

If you look up the work in one of the databases (iswc, apra etc) you will typically see the writers of the original song where the sample came from getting writeing credits.
Websites such as or a wikipedia page can be useful for tracking this down.
If there is a page please add a url relationship as these sites are on the white list.

There was a ticket introduced a while back to add a “quotation/interpolation” relationship:


This seems to fit under the “based on” relationship:

This is used when a new work is based on or includes (parts of) another work.

It gets more dubious when the new work just includes parts only based on the original work, though.