How should Autechre's production credits be handled?

  • Produced by Autechre
  • Produced by Sean Booth and Rob Brown
  • Other (Please explain)

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Opening a thread after a comment left by otters61 on Edit #52678313

Most Autechre releases have something like “Ae Production. Booth/Brown.” written on them followed by the copyright text. (Ae being an abbreviation of Autechre)


  • Incunabula has “Written.produced: Sean Booth.Rob Brown”
  • Basscadet EP has “Written.produced.engineered Sean Booth.Rob Brown”
  • Amber and Anti EP have “Autechre Production. Booth/Brown”
  • Cichlisuite has “Ae Production. Mixes. Booth, Brown”

Should this be read as “Produced by Autechre. Written by Sean Booth and Rob Brown” or “An Autechre Production by Sean Booth and Rob Brown”?

Musicbrainz is currently inconsistent on how this is entered as relationships. Sometimes crediting Autechre as the producer and other times crediting Sean Booth and Rob Brown. (Discogs and Rate Your Music are also inconsistent about this)

How should this by handled on Musicbrainz: Should we credit Autechre as the producer or credit Sean Booth and Rob Brown as the producers? Or maybe all three?

I would credit Booth and Brown if they’re both named (as in these examples). The membership of a group could change over time, so this seems more specific.

Some additional info:
Autechre has been a duo of Booth and Brown since their first release in 1991. They use the name Gescom for projects involving other people. As mentioned above, all of their releases have “Booth/Brown” credits.

They’ve also admitted in interviews that some tracks are entirely by one of them, but have refused to name any specific tracks.

I would mention all of those names that appear on a release (in matching relationships with additional “credited as”). In any other way, information would be lost or not searchable.

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