How is Genre Field Populated Considering Multiple Plugins and Default MusicBrainz Genre Option?

Newbie here and I want to have multiple genres, at least 5 and want options to come from as many sources possible.
I’m confused as to how list of genres are determined based on what options you have selected and combination thereof since there’s a singular “Genre” field:

  • Builtin “Use Genres from MusicBrainz”
  • Lastfm Plugin
    -Wikidata Genre Plugin
    -AcousticBrainz Plugin Genre Option

So the AcousticBrainz plugin is cut and dry because there’s a separate “AB genre” field added.

But as far as the default MusicBrainz option, Lastfm, and Wikidata, I have no idea what is coming from where, and if some are even being used.

What is the behavior of this?

Does the default MusicBrainz option override all the plugins?
Do they all work together to maximize likelikhood and list of multiple genres?

Other questions/advice:
What percentage should I set for minimal tag usage?
Thoughts on using artist tags?
–Musicbrainz built in option lets you use artist tag if track tag unavailable. For the one, does it just use both?
–My concern is artists who make multiple styles of music
What exactly does folksonomy refer to btw?
–Not sure if related, but is [or used to be] good for people tagging artists and songs with styles and genres which are relatively new and still amorphous, so this is what I want to tap into, and I DJ with a lot of newer stuff, and I like to get specific with subgenres.

As long as you tag with ID3v2 v2.4 then you can have multiple values in a field.

That then passes the issue to your media player. Some will only read the first genre, others are happy to read them all.

I “think” all the genres just get mixed. Not really sure as I only stick to the built-ins.

You cannot currently use multiple genre plugins in conjunction. Each will set the genre field, overwriting what is currently set there. See [PICARD-2141] AcousticBrainz Mood-Genre conflicts with MusicBrainz genre - MetaBrainz JIRA and related tickets.

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