How is artist credited as supposed to work on recordings?

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So… recordings are shared between releases, even across release groups. And different releases credit people differently.

So how is the artist credited as field supposed to work?


The relevant guideline says “The artist should usually be the same as the first release of the recording.”


In case this is for classical: there I’d just list the most prominent performers, maybe credited as on the original release. I used to just use the artist name, but at least for orchestras that changed the name, it’s probably useful to use the AC of whatever it was called at the time.


The credit on a track can be different to the credit on the recording.
Occasionally songs are credited in one way and they change thair mind and credit it differently in another way.
Take the following as an example.

This song first appeared on “Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü” and the artists where credited as “Jack Ü with Justin Bieber”.
When Justin released his album this was credited as “Justin Bieber feat. Diplo & Skrillex”.
Ie this is crediting the collaboration name Jack Ü instead of Diplo & Skrillex individually.


Could you please u give some examples because usually the credits do not vary.
It does happen that they vary (on low budget compilations they may lack, for instance) but if they vary they may even more likely be two different recordings. :slight_smile:


Ok! Makes sense to apply that to AR as well. (I missed that line in there, I think.)

In this case, it wasn’t classical—was a Japanese release that later got an official US version (so naturally they romanized all the names).