How does "Submit" work?

I entered the Api key and submitted one file. Since then “Submit” is greyed out. What is needed to submit? I scanned the fiels and looked them up and saved the acoust-id tag, but submit is greyed out. thx!

Were the acoustIDs already known? (i.e. did Scan automatically select the right data?). In Picard IIRC you can only submit acoustIDs that aren’t already matched (you can’t submit “+1” so to say).


Just to clarify, the ‘submit’ button doesn’t add releases to the database, just AcoustIDs.

If you’re after help with adding releases to MB, let us know, there’s quite a few quick ways to do it :slight_smile:

I have a mp3 with acoustid that does not match the database, its in “unmatsched files”. saving it, then it has the acoustid, but submit is still greyed out. is that because that acoustid was already submitted?

If it was already submitted, Picard does not allow it to be submitted again and the button stays inactive

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