How do you handle management relationships?

How do you handle management relationships? I can’t seem to find any way to add them from an artist point of view or a release one. I’ve just been using miscellaneous support for releases, but I can’t figure out how to connect an artist to a company through a manager relationship.

management doesn’t belong.

of course, there are different kinds of management - some of which may be included in various ways.

Perhaps being more specific could help?

MB decided that we are not to list management as it’s not relevant to the music. Same goes for things like stylists, etc. listed in booklets.

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FWIW, stylist and whatnot can be listed as a miscellaneous role for now, and changed if we ever end up getting a dedicated relationship. Management (artist-label or artist-artist) we haven’t dealt with yet, but it’s not in itself uninteresting. My main worry would be that this can change often, it can be hard to keep the info up to date and as such we can end up with situations where people try to contact the wrong management agency or whatever because of our data, which can be frustrating to both parts.


What if there’s an option, like, album management, to let people know that the managers only managed an artist during a specific album?

Also, is there a way to propose categories? Because I think that there should be an ability to add a specifier to artistic roles like design and photography.

Managing an album is often called ‘producer’, or maybe A&R. We seem to have forgotten guys like Mutt Lange (actual producers) because of guys like Puff Daddy, who take producer’s credit when they are actually… well, don’t get me started on that.

But, the point is - management doesn’t belong.
However, the term ‘management’ sometimes can be called other stuff which does belong.

Perhaps being more specific could help?

I don’t really have anything more specific. It just says “management”

Why do you say “management doesn’t belong”? It’s true we don’t have a good way (as @reosarevok said) to represent it today, but that’s not the same as it not belonging in MB. We do have release-artist rels for “booking” and “legal representation” which seem no more or less relevant than “management” to me.


Not sure about artist (I remember reading before not to add them, but it might have just been an edit note), but it does state this under labels:
Label - MusicBrainz

" Others

At this time, we don’t keep track of companies involved in the other aspects of the music industry (PR, management, etc.), and we don’t get into too much financial details, or try to represent exactly the socio-economic organization of companies. There are three reasons for that:

  • this information is usually not available from sleeves
  • this information is irrelevant to the MusicBrainz goal of being the ultimate source of music information
  • such a project would be extremely complicated and our current data model is not fit for it"