How do you add a division of a company?

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how do you add a division of a company?
im trying to update a few labels that i came across while trying to add a releases
on the back of this album it has Star Song is a division ofJubilee Communications how do i add a division?
i found this website useful for how some labels are linked and for adding albums


To me a “division of” means that these are both Labels, and I then use the relationship “Is parent of” to link Star Song to Jubilee. Or Subsidiaries when looking in the opposite direction. Subsidiary = Division.

they are two different things tho so we rilay need something separate,the%20company%20it%20sits%20under.&text=Conversely%2C%20a%20division%20is%20an,might%20have%20a%20loan%20division.

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I don’t do the legal stuff much as I am not that interested in company complexities. I look at those relationships with a simple eye.

I think MB also has a simple view. From the help note about the subsidiary relationship:

This describes a situation where one label is (or was) a subsidiary of another label, during a given period of time. This should be used either to describe the fact a label is a subdivision of another one, or, through corporate acquisition of the former label, has become a subdivision of another one.
From here:

That use of the word “division” and “subdivision” in there is how I have seen things from a simple viewpoint. Though I do now understand your quoted legal distinction, that just sounds more like a business tax \ ownership thing. I am guessing that MB already has plenty of divisions linked in this way with less concern for the exact technical legal differences.


ok yer i fined it hard to get my head around it at the best of times for me i look for what it has if it has Division im looking for Division on mb :slight_smile: not Subsidiary. im to black and white some times :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for the help. if they added Division to the help than it would have be easer for people like me. while i have you i would like you to have a look at the dates and song list and tell me what you think for this album

I’ve been told that we are not to add companies to releases at all. You can set up a relationship like IvanDobsky suggested if not there, but don’t add them to the release.

We can add the companies that are shown on the cover and booklets. So you get the label that released something, and the people it is copyright to. Maybe also the company who manufactured the CD. All these are legit relationships to the Release.

By being able to link those Labels to its parent elsewhere in the database it allows a better overall understanding. In this example I would put Star Song as the Label, but not actually add Jubilee to the Release. Star Song are the label that released the album.

@st3v3p puts in a lot of religious music. These can be on many different labels, which the release gets a link. But many times there is a common parent label which the MB DB lets us see those links on the label page.

By using the Parent links it would allow us to see the labels, and therefore the Releases, that Jubilee Communications are involved with. The relationships of the record industry can be as fascinating as the artists.

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I’m talking about the copyright by instances like Epic, a division of Sony. That we are just to show Epic and not Sony. All the other instances we of course can.

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Yes - exactly like this case. That is a perfect example. Here we show only “Star Song” and not Jubilee.

(Sorry if I am waffling, it is also partially to help anyone else trying to understand)

I am lazy, so my standard goto is Discogs: and they give a date of 1987.