How do we remove releases from a release group?

I was tagging some albums on Picard related to this release group: The title of the release group indicates that it is for releases of the Ashkenazy orchestral version. As can be seen here, the piano recital and the orchestral version were both recorded in 1982. This release also belongs in the same release group.

However there is a third release associated with it, corresponding to this release where both the piano solo version and the orchestral version were performed in 1967. Moreover, this release was based on Ravel’s orchestration, and was conducted by Zubin Mehta. This definitely belongs in a different release group. The evidence of the recording dates here, at discogs

I tried to fix things myself, but this requires some rather drastic changes. I’m rather new to editing, and I’m afraid I’ll mangle things badly if I try to fix it. Can one of the experienced editors please fix it? I can provide all the technical info you need.

To move a release:
Create a new empty release group.
Go to the release you want to move, click edit, copy and paste the url for the new release group, next, next, next save

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There’s a chance we already have other versions of the Mehta release, in which case instead of adding a new release group you can reuse the existing Mehta one. If that’s the case, just copy the URL for the Mehta release group and paste it into the “Release Group” field when editing the Mehta release - that should load the right group, and after that you can just submit the edit.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I got a warning that the release group will be purged soon because it was empty. Presumably, it’s not seeing my updates. I have solicited votes here: Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

I approved the release group change, and your release is now under

Sadly, I had to downvote a lot of other edits which went against the classical guidelines - please don’t be too discouraged by that :frowning: You can cancel those edits if you don’t want them to just get voted down :slight_smile:

Do let me know if I can help in any way with classical guidelines or otherwise!

Thank you for your edit approvals and for your guidance on where I was making a mistake with track titles. I understand your rationale, and I have cancelled all edits related to track titles.

But I think my changes to the track artists were correct, per Should I leave these edits open?

Your remaining open edits are changes to recording artists, and incorrect as they should adhere to .

Alright. I think I understand the difference between Release/Artist and Recording/Artist. I’ll have to be careful not to get confused between the two when entering new stuff.

Perhaps it would be helpful if the UI got bifurcated for classical and non-classical entries.


Ive learnt a new word !

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