How do I turn silver discs to gold discs?

Hi I am new to musicbrianz,

I have just scanned all of my music and most of my scanned files are appearing as silver discs (with the odd gold one scattered about)

When I click in to the silver disk I can see musical notes (which I think means missing file, but the file is not missing I own the file and it is in the same folder as rest of the files)

How to I make sure I turn all my disks gold before I save?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Music note often means missing file, but if there is that small error in front and you can expand it, it means “multiple files attached”. Might be either you have this file for “Boyfriend” twice, or one is the correct “Boyfriend” and the other one is an entirely different song (or at least a different version of the same song, e.g. single version instead of album version or so) just matched to the wrong track.

Select one of the files and have a look at the metadata comparisson at the bottom. The one that is green should be pretty clear, probably a correct match. The yellow one should have some existing metadata that does not quite fit.

If you want to correct it, you can drag and drop files onto another track or onto another album.Or if unsure just drag it to the left side again, finish tagging the rest and come back to the unmatched files afterwards.

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It looks like Picard found two copies of Boyfriend and put them both in the same album. Since one is solid green and the other yellow, I suspect that the yellow one is from another album. Click on the yellow one and look at the properties - is it already marked for another album? Should it belong? If it doesn’t, just drag it out of this album and back to the left side for the untagged files. You may have to drop it onto the correct album (drop at the album and it will usually drop into the proper track).

Thank you to you both @thebradleys @outsidecontext ‘Boyfriend’ the copy was an ‘original mix’

A couple of follow up questions :slight_smile:

  • What will happen to the file when I save now I have moved it back to the left?

  • Also the song ‘rubber boots’ is coming up yellow but it doesn’t have a missing file. Do I need to do anything additional to this file?

The color of the tracks indicates how good a match there is on the metadata. Considering that the rest of the tracks are solid green, I would double check the properties to see if it correct. Newly ripped tracks are usually yellow for me, since I don’t have any metadata yet, but they are also sometimes from the wrong release.

The file you move to the left won’t be touched, you have to figure out what to do with that later.

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Some of the other silvers are from multiple versions of the release being matched. An example would be Under My Skin. It looks like 2 bonus tracks were matched to one release, and the others to the original release. I think you can just drag that gold 12/12 release onto the silver 2/14 one to make that a gold 14/14 one.

Similarly, dropping that silver 8/12 A&A release onto the silver 2/10 version is likely to result in a gold 10/10 one.

Of course, always verify such moves against the metadata before saving.