How do I set the Front cover as the default

I have both the back cover and front cover downloaded from Picard. If I open another program such as mp3tag. It shows the back cover as the default. How do I make the front cover always be the default on Picard, if I open mp3tag, the front cover is in the first spot

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I noticed this problem too. I can only configure one name for all downloaded images and other applications are confused by 3 or more same names (only numbered).
… and as you say, Picard is confused too (just tested), but that’s possibly a bug.

What file format are you tagging? Some tools are not honoring the cover art type in e.g. ID3 tags but just use the very first image they encounter in the file. My assumption would be that maybe the back cover ends up as the first image in the file. Not sure if mp3tag is a good test here, it might just shows front images first (which would make sense).

For the image ordering there is an open ticket for Picard. Ideally we would save images so front images are at first position.

Unfortunately this is currently blocked by support in mutagen, the library being used by Picard to access the file tags. See