How do i handle an unknown album

how do i handle an unknown album like a mix that someone made. i have no info about the tracks. its track1, track2 …etc

Like for the Special Purpose Artist you can use [unknown] as track title (for each).

What exactly is your goal? As I understand you it is a random collection of songs but not something that is generally available (private compilation)? If so it should not be added to MB, but you can still use Picard to identify and tag the individual tracks.

If you have no idea what the tracks actually are, you can try to get metadata using the"Scan" function, which uses acoustic fingerprinting to identify the audio. If this does not give the expected result but if you know a bit about the songs you could also manually search for proper recordings on


thank you for your reply, So i have quite a few Mix CD’s made by wannabe DJ’s. So if its an album that i shouldnt add to MB I shouldnt use Picard to process it and maybe just use MP3tag to tag it as best i can. i want to keep the album to listen to. thankyou