How do I fingerprint and tag my original recorded songs with Picard?

Hello everyone,

I have a few albums I have recorded over 10 years, over a hundred songs and over 500 music pieces. I want to fingerprint and tag and enter into the Musicbrainz database.

The songs and instrumentals are used in various compilations by publishers and I want to identify my songs in various compilations without having to manually listen to them.

What is the best way to quickly add the songs to the musicbrainz database?

What format are the albums currently in? To fingerprint them you’ll need to convert to digital files (MP3 \ FLAC \ etc) and then Picard can make those fingerprints and upload them.

As you are the artist, I’d start with creating an Artist page for yourself.

Are any of your albums already here at MB? If not, pick a couple of albums to start with. Install Picard and we can go from there.

If you post links to what you are doing into this thread, then we can help you get into the swing of this. It will be a bit bonkers the first time… but it soon gets quicker as you learn the tricks and language used.

There are also a lot of HowTo notes and guides:

Start simple. Then add the fancy stuff later. Start with a simple CD and get the basics uploaded.