How do I backup my settings?


I was having an issue with Picard where it would crash when I tried to switch to a different version. I did due diligence, and got a debug log, and spelled out all the pertinent information. As a last ditch effort, I reset to all defaults after noting all the settings I had made including scripts. The issue did not return. The settings had worked perfectly for the past couple hundred albums tagged, so I’m trying to figure out what failed.

How do I backup the settings on my Windows 10 box so that I can restore them more easily without resorting to writing notes in a text file?


Settings are in the usual profile directory for your user. Thus is usually something like c:\users\your id\Application Data\Local\musicbrainz\picard\


Thanks. It’s been a while since I’ve used a Windows application where I had to work with the *.ini. I forget to look

Windows 10 settings file is found here;


or you can just use