How do I add General Tags, like "Good, Bad, NoLyrics"?

I am new to this program and have no idea how it works, I just want to add tags to my music so I can find it better. I don’t even know how to add “Add a new tag” because it asks me to edit/add values? Please guide me.

Picard’s main purpose is to tag files with information from MusicBrainz. That information doesn’t include the tags you mention in the topic title. There is a guide for tagging files with Picard, but you may be better off with a general tag editor such as mp3tag.

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Is that program able to listen to music and tag at the same time?

No, if you want that I can recommend foobar2000.


nitpick Whether there are lyrics or not is stored in the “Work” in MusicBrainz. The “lyrics language” has a “no lyrics” value. So it should be possible to get Picard to add NoLyrics.


@derobert I don’t know how to do that. But I have found a way to filter out my music with General Tags thanks to foobar2000, as suggested, and mp3tag. I am using the Tag, Comment, and filling it with General Tags, like you would with image searching.

To sum it up, currently I have 2 programs, foobar200 and mp3tag, cleaning and sorting my music with only one column needed. Though, it’s still not good enough, it’s acceptable.