How do I add a suffix to filenames for *only* singles and EPs but NOT albums?

I have the following file naming script, which is very similar to default except it uses the original release date for the folder name, and it doesn’t add the artist name to the tracks. This is my preference.


[$if2(%originalyear%,$left(%originaldate%,4),$left(%date%,4),0000)] %album%/

$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%discnumber%-,)$if($and(%albumartist%,%tracknumber%),$num(%tracknumber%,2) ,)%title%

In my collection I have a number of Albums, Singles, and EPs that share the same name so I would like to differentiate them by adding [Single] and [EP] to the end of the the corresponding folder names. However I do not want [Album] to be added, I would rather that release type have no suffix.

I know this will probably use %releasetype% but I’m not sure of the syntax to ignore true album releases and only write text for Single and EP.


I use

$if($in(%releasetype%,single), \(Single\))
$if($in(%releasetype%,ep), \(EP\))

This adds (Single) and (EP) respectively. You can change it to use brackets as you like. I had the same problem you did, with Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love single and album ending up in the same folder.


Perfect! That did it. Thank you!

Déjà vu :smiley: