How do add data from mb database online to my mp3s on my android, Chromebook or 32 bit windows

I have an old windows 32 bit laptop and the older musicbrainz app can’t find my cd
I have a new Android phone
I have a Chromebook
I went to musicbrainz online database and found my cd
How do add data from mb database online to my mp3s on my android, Chromebook or 32 bit windows

Quick update for anyone else with the same problem. I used Music Bee for Windows which uses data from MusicBrainz and it found it straight away

I guess you able to go online with that old laptop?

From Picard, hit LOOKUP IN BROWSER, navigate to the Release, hit the green TAGGER button to copy back to Picard.

OR: copy the link of the page with your release and past it into the Picard Seach box (top right)

OR: just paste the MBID part of the URL into that search box**1afe8205-ceec-40ad-86cc-25ba0faf3456**


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This should work, if @Gobsheite use the latest 32bit version of Picard (v1.4.2) as mentioned here and downloadable here.

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Doesn’t work.
Clicking the tagger just opens MBP but does nothing but add “could not load album” message
Pasting the link into MBP and click search just goes back to the browser
I notice there’s an Android app that doesn’t work either
I notice that there’s a chrome browser addin that doesn’t work either
Anything that’s likely to work?

This is the album

I got there in the end. I loaded the tracks into Music Bee and it found the data in musicbrainz

The old 1.4 build for Windows unfortunately stopped working a while ago, it can no longer make web requests due to outdated bundled SSL. There was some discussion with a workaround at

Regarding Chromebook: I had some success installing and running Picard in my Chromebook via the Linux compatibility, see Set up Linux on your Chromebook - Chromebook Help for how to enable Linux on ChromeOS.

But I never seriously used it, so I can’t say whether it runs well, and it has been a while since I tested this. But I could try this again.

It’s a shame there is no working Android app version since mobile phone is by far the most widely used device for music

Here we go, Picard on my Chromebook:

Runs actually well, everything seems to work, including fingerprinting and browser integration. It’s version 2.1.2 from Debian Buster, so a bit older already. But theoretically it should be possible to install a newer version.

To get this:

  • Enable the Linux mode as described in Set up Linux on your Chromebook - Chromebook Help

  • In the Linux terminal, install Picard with

    sudo apt update
    sudo apt install picard
  • To run Picard type picard in the Linux terminal. It does not seem to be possible to pin this to the task bar, but at least you can pin the Linux terminal there UPDATE: Actually “MusicBrainz Picard” does show up as an app after it was installed and can be started directly, without the need to always first start the Linux terminal.

To access files you need to copy them to the “Linux files” folder, which the file manager will show. You can also share additional folders with Linux in the Files app (in the folder’s context menu). Inside Picard the shared folder is then available under /mnt/chromeos/MyFiles.

The recently updated MusicBrainz app does provide some tagging functionality, but I must admit I have not tested this myself yet.

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I tested the app yesterday, it’s in beta and does absolutely nothing

Hi @Gobsheite, We have the MusicBrainz Android app available on the play store at
Please make sure you are using version 5.0.0, and the app is out in production in fact. I have tested the app recently on Android 11 and 10, the tagger functionalities do work without any faults.
Do let me know if you still face the issue of not being able to tag your music :smiley: