How difficult is it to create a time saving tuto?


People complain to us when our servers don’t respond within 3 ms, because they don’t want to waste their most precious - scarce - asset in life (next to health), time.

So, I’d only be one out of many if I say the current tutorials leave a lot to be desired.

I’m probably also one out of many who has wasted his precious life seconds on typing in questions on this forum, being bugged by a forum admin who hates users and has set all kinds of ridiculous limitations for new users, waiting for kind people to waste their time on typing answers to questions that must have been asked a zillion times before.

If only I’d know how this program works, I’d write a time saving tutorial, which would be very simple:

THIS is the workflow to tag music (load, cluster, lookup, scan, whatever);
THESE are the 15 things that can go wrong (btw, this is what all the strange icons mean);
And THAT, per thing out of the 15, is how you solve it.

Currently, I’ve once again wasted 90 minutes and have achieved nothing. That might mean I am stupid, but my boss still hasn’t fired me after all these years, and I even have to play puppy master to new juniors. Or it might mean things could be improved.

Really, I’d love to donate for beer for devs as I do to many projects, but so far all this software and lack of decent time saving tutorials does is irritate the heart beats out of me.

Life is too short to waste, fellow friends.

Ah, and when I try to post this I get this from the human people members hating forum admin:

“You’ve reached the maximum number of topics a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 3 minutes before trying again.”.



Admittedly, tutorials do not cover every topic of MusicBrainz, but many tutorials are already available, such as “How to add an artist” in the form of an illustrated text or a video.


Thank you.

I don’t want to add an artist. I want to start at the beginning: correct the tags of my music collection.

When I even try to do that (even having to use google to try to find out which part of the documentation even explains what the normal workflow is, with all these ‘scan’, ‘lookup’, ‘cluster’, and whatever buttons in the confusing GUI mean), I end up with around a zillion different icons somewhere on the right, no way to save anything (greyed out), files left on the left part of the screen, and me wasting my life typing in these completely avoidable forum posts. In the process also wasting the precious life seconds of the VERY KIND people who respond to me.

This is the size of my music collection (pic). I think you will need 20 lives (as a billionaire, so you don’t have to work for your money and can spend 24/7 on it), and 400 hearts (because of the failing hearts due to heart attacks), to ever get that fixed with this project.


It looks like you already found it.


It seems you may be suffering from a misconception, visible among other things in your repeated self-description as a “customer”.

Picard is mostly a volunteer project. It was written by volunteer developers; volunteers have written the documentation; and volunteers have made the tutorials that you think are so abysmal. It is also volunteers who are answering your questions here.

If you want to be a customer, well, there are commercial taggers, too, that use the same MusicBrainz data. Perhaps you would get more happy with one of those.


For what it’s worth, your questions are helping me see specific areas where the Picard docs need revising. So I appreciate the time you’re putting in. Thanks!


Not be be the bearer of bad news but if this the size is your music collection:

it will take a while to tag all these.

Mine collection was a fraction of that size and it took weeks to tag.

Musicbrainz Picard is a semi-automate tagger. Really you should check if the data is correct. I see you are doing this by looking at track times, etc.
Sometimes (like any data source) things will not always be correct. I choose to correct or add the data to the database if wasn’t there and we like all users to do this and give something back so others will find the correct release next time.

When you have a case like a different track time you have to consider what to do.
Check your source. Original CD, rip, etc.
Consider adding the data if it is not in there source if it is not in there.

As an aside I thought I was doing well my my hourly rate but you must be paid loads if a few seconds cost you so much maybe you one of the worlds top paid sportsman or movie star? :wink: