How can we use a Series to tag the included albums in MB Picard?

I would like to tag the 31 albums from this release group series:

How can I load this 31 albums (let’s say the ones with BACKDxx as catalog#) into MB Picard without selecting and loading every single album manually?

Currently there is no way to do this. You’ll need to click on each album separately. But this is also a series of release groups, which makes it a bit more difficult (as there is no green tagger button on the list itself). Whar’s your expectation? Load all releases of all release groups involved?

I can imageine that we add this like we do it for release groups in Picard. If you drag a release group URL into Picard a dialog opens showing all the releases. You can then select one or multiple releases and load them into Picard.

We could do the same for series as well. For release series it is straight forward to load, release group series are a bit more involved.

Could you add a ticket for that?


Yes, I will add a ticket a little bit later this day.

The best solution would be a variant, where you could search inside the series for a catalog mask, for example something like BACKCD*. I have no idea if this is possible at all.
Without “preselecting” albums (by catalog#, by Format like “CD” or by Label like “DMC”) I have to select the matching album for every of the 31 release groups manually. This manual effort would be almost the same as now.

Any other ideas?

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We had some ticket about filtering the search result Dialogs recently, see [PICARD-2601] Search Facility - MetaBrainz JIRA

What’s currently already possible is sorting the release by the shown columns, so this can help getting only CD releases or all catalogue numbers with the same prefix.

But filtering the table for specific values would of course also be helpful. This would apply to the search result windows in general.


Done with Ticket Picard-2604.