How can I file my songs separately into their own folders alphabetically? ignoring prefix's?


Im trying to find a way to put files into directories alphabetically. So for instance: I have a folder called “B” all Beatles files go into there. A folder called “C” all The Cult files into there, and etc etc.

My biggest issue is though, I would it to ignore prefix’s like, The, A, Of, etc. So in the example above, The Beatles would go into a directory of B, Not T as in "The Beatles.

Thanks for the help as always!!


Try this script snippet for the directory part:


The following discussion about the sortname vs $swapprefix() might also be interesting:


A similar scenario is covered in the Picard docs.

You’ll need to tweak it to get exactly what you’re looking for. Among other things (as outsidecontext points out) it uses artistsort rather than $swapprefix.