How can I differentiate between the current (actual) tags and tags Picard found for a file?


I want to save Picard’s downloaded art to a directory with name %albumartist%-%album%.
However, I’ve noticed that %album% pertaisn to the metadata Picard matched to my file, not the current
There can be a disconnect between the two, in false matches, for example, so I want to save the art with a name that goes with the actual tag, which I won’t overwrite with Picard’s tag.
How can I reference the actual tag and not Picard’s found tag?


Is right clicking the result line and “Keep Original” what you are looking for?


I am also not quite sure what you want to achieve. Why not match the file to the correct release in the first place? You can also save files that are still in the left pane, those are not matched to MB releases and when saving will use the existing tags in the file.