How assign macOS file-system file-tags from values of an ID3 field?

I’d like to reflect my music ratings in ID3 tags and also (redundantly) in macOS file tags. Is there a way of doing that (assigning corresponding macOS file tags) automatically?
In ID3 I am not yet clear where (in which field) to put my rating, but I am currently considering either the de facto “popularimeter” field or else a custom field. In either case they would essentially be capable of representing a number in the range 1 to 5.

In macOS, I intend to use corresponding emoji-strings such as…

(the numeric prefixes are to ensure my wanted sort-order in macOS’s file- Finder)

So … how to generate/assign those file-system tag-strings based on values in a field in an ID3 tag.
Any tips?

To my knowledge, this is not functionally possible with Picard at this time.

However, you might be able to achieve this with native macOS tools. I believe the mdls (Metata List) tool can parse this data. From there, you theoretically could write an AppleScript, or use the GUI frontend Automator to programatically apply Finder tags from metadata.

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Thank you, I’ll look into that.

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