Hide Brackets

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Ok, quick tip, How to hide [Brackets] if there is no value?

That’s not much info to go on, but if I understand you correctly you want to avoid showing empty brackets for something such as a date in brackets if the date is empty. That’s pretty easy. Try something like:

$if(%date%,[%date%] ,)

If you meant something else, please provide more information.


No this is more than enough info to help me, Thanks so much. Now if you could tell me how to delete the empty space where the [Empty] brackets would be so that the next bracket with a value will be next to the last value bracket and look better. Here is an example:
Not Good --> 2016 - Book of Shadows II [CD] [US] [15 trks] [CBR 320] [2016]
Much Better-> 2016 - Book of Shadows II [CD] [US] [15 trks] [CBR 320] [2016]

Just include the space in the $if() statement as I did in my example. As written if %date% is not empty it will print the %date% value within brackets with a trailing space. If %date% is empty, it won’t print anything.

I think I figured it out thanks.