Hidden Setting Perhaps?

Would there happen to be a hidden setting that can disable the automatic expansion/collapse of Albums, Tracks, Clusters and all that?

Always having to close/collapse them down because it will expand the whole thing when items are dropped in. If I need to see it, I can expand it myself.

… probably going to have to resort to hard coding for that one.
(mainwindow.py, itemviews, album, cluster… somewhere…)

Maybe I can back track that and figure out how to set an option for it.

There is no automatic expansion or collapsing by default. Can you describe exactly when this happens?

The behavior is most commonly encountered when there are multiple instances of a track.

Start with an exposed Album without the Tracks Exposed.

Drag it to the Left:


Drag the files back to the Right:


Expand the Album …and all those tracks are expanded.
So, it’s trying to tell me that there are multiple matches there. I get it.
But that’s what the Exposure Triangle next to the icon is for.

There seems to be times when the thing may automatically expose after having dropped the cluster onto it, or dropped files directly from the desktop onto the Album. Not always. Perhaps it’s a Pathfinder doing wonky stuff for that part of it.

Pathfinder is the next Best Example of Bloatware after iTunes. But it’s got a few functions that make putting up with a whole lot of other total crap seemingly worth it. :face_vomiting:
I won’t go there.

Just dropping additional (that will be duplicate) tracks on an already expanded album causes them to all expand again.

Collapse all the tracks, add more duplicates, they all expand again.

Yes. I’m using the saving to collect up all the straggling extra tracks here and there so that when I look at them I can retain the best possible for a complete set, and send the rest to bit bucket hell.

…and when you Save an Expanded Album, with un-expanded tracks … the tracks all expand before writing it.

So maybe there isn’t code in there that explicitly expands them, and there could be something that would keep it from happening. The same way an Album does not Expand when it’s Saved. The Tracks shouldn’t do so if they have more than one entry within.

Yes, tracks get expanded if there are multiple files for a track.

I disagree. Not expanding the tracks makes it hard to see that there are multiple files, and in many cases multiple files indicate a possible mismatch. The majority of users usually will have only one file per track. Then many will have 2 or 3, e.g. if you tag both lossy and lossless files simultaneously. But having the same file more than 10 times is likely the big exception.

If you are interested of changing this for yourself: This expansion is handled in TrackItem.update in itemviews.py.


Yes, of course … I see why especially with regards to the mismatched. It’s basically saying “Hey! You! Look. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!” with regards to that.

…but I can still turn it off with an option then :wink:

Another evening… another local branch… May as well go have a look and see what else you’ve submitted… :slight_smile: