Hidden Files ._01 Track Name.mp3 being added to program and albums

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I recently installed MusicBrainz Picard to help organize a massive library. I am on Mac OSx Catalina.
I added the full Music folder from the Apple Music program and lots of hidden files named the exact same as the actual music files but with ._ in front, were added to the program. When looking at the containing folder, this file does not exist, even when showing hidden files. If I do, open in Player, nothing plays. There are thousands of these files and it’s annoying that I will have to go through each album and remove them.
Has anyone had any experience with this issue? Any easy solutions besides removing them manually?

Thanks for any suggestions and help.

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If the Music Library folder was stored on a volume formatted other than HFS+ or APFS and you had dragged the folder vs. actually selecting all the files inside of it, then yes you’re going to see those additional entries.

This is happening because Picard is name agnostic and for whatever reason those hidden files are not being seen as hidden files.

If the Music Folder is on a native formatted volume for macOS then that wouldn’t happen.

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Thanks for the response. The drive is in fact Ex-Fat so it can be used on Mac & PC. Kind of annoying having to remove them, especially since the program doesn’t save what I’ve already added when I close it.

I don’t quite understand? When you’re matching files can’t you just ignore these files and hit save?

A side note: Any automated files/tag editing software is risky, especially if running on a big collection all at once. I would try it with batches of albums that you can check, or maybe back up your music collection before hitting save on everything.

p.s. Is this worth opening a Picard improvement ticket for or not for some reason?