Help with unusual extra title information for "Never Ending Story (Power Club Vocal Mix)"

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This particular single apparently isn’t in the database, so I’ll probably aim to add it later, if nobody else does, however the problem I’m having is how to handle the capitalisation for the “(Power Club Vocal Mix)” part; the extra title information.

The particular release I’m referencing is the one listed here

Although versions of this song are listed in the database, this particular release isn’t, and even so, the extra title information has been formatted in at least two different ways (permitting for the Japanese releases that are edited to match their respective style guidelines), listed here:

I’m uncertain if any parts of it should be capitalised, so it would be formatted as “(power club vocal mix)”, or if the “Power” and possibly also, “Club” parts should be, but the “vocal” and “mix” parts in lowercase. I’m guessing that it’s not named after a place, but rather it’s meant to imply that it’s a “powerful vocal club mix”.

Any input to help me work this out would be appreciated.


Power Club sounds like it might be a proper name. Is the mixer’s name known?


Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be much information about the artist behind the song.

All I was able to find is what’s listed here: “DJ AC-DC is an Italian DJ. Co-partner of DJ Mauro Farina a.k.a. DJ Speedo.”

I’ll assume this means that DJ AC-DC is the mixer in question.


I think this is right, so keep it all lower case.