Help with the translations for the upcoming release Picard 2.10

We will soon release Picard 2.10. While this is primarily a bug fix release it is also a good opportunity to improve the existing translations.

We have recently moved our translations from Transifex to the new MetaBrainz Weblate instance. While a bigger announcement for this new tool will be made soon and not all MB projects are ready yet, I’d already appreciate translation help for Picard.

In the last weeks we have improved both the translations and source strings as well as optimized the project setup on Weblate. Many strings now provide additional screenshots or textual context to aid translation, and the quality checks in place help us to avoid issues with broken placeholders.

If you want to help translating Picard into your native language please see the instructions for Picard, Picard Website and Picard User Guide Internationalization, then head over to the Picard translation project.

There are also some Tips to get started.

Special thanks to @mfmeulenbelt, @salo.rock, @zer0bitz and @Zas, who already helped a lot with the Dutch, Italian, Finnish and French translations.

Update: We’ll put out a pure bugfix release in a few days for improving stability. This will be followed by Picard 2.10 with more substantial changes, especially Python 3.12 compatibility and also updated translations. Currently we aim for putting out a release candidate in 2 weeks.