Help with script to send release type to Mediamonkey's custom tag

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Hi, I’d love some help on this! I’m tagging with MB but autoorganizing/file-renaming with MM. In doing that, I’d love to extract release type (actually only album, compilation or live) from the tags and set them in MM’s Custom1. I tried using


but to no result. Maybe it isn’t possible to write to the custom tag from MB?
Any type of help would be much appreciated!

I think you currently can’t set these tags with Picard. Media Monkey stores those tags in a comment field with a description of Songs-DB_Custom1, Songs-DB_Custom2 etc. and the language set to XXX.

The closest you get with Picard would be:


But Picard would set the language of the comment to eng and you currently cannot modify this. I think we either need a syntax that also allows setting the language or special handling of those media monkey tags.


I created a ticket for this:


Thanks for the help @outsidecontext, much appreciated! Just because I’m curious and a newbie to all this, why would Picard set the language to English? Not that it matters to me, just curious.
Also, I’m guessing you mean that the workaround could be that I inn Mediamonkey create a rule like if compilation in comment, then…?

Thanks again for taking your time including creating a ticket!

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Because the language needs to be set to something, and very few software outside supports setting it. That’s probably also because of other tag formats only have plain comment fields without language settings. If you see comments getting saved to ID3 most software just defaults to saving the language as English.

Probably. Not sure currently how MediaMonkey saves a normal comment. Easiest way to find out is to tag a file in MM with a comment and load it into Picard. Then you can see to what name Picard loads this comment to.

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I took a look how Media Monkey handles the comment, and again it stores it with language set to XXX. But it will also read the comment set with eng.

So as a workaround you currently could set


And then look at the comment tag in MM.


Thanks again @outsidecontext for helping out. This is what I ended up with at the end:


I decided to go for the grouping tag instead of comment. All seems to work well, thanks again!

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I don’t know if something has changed since this was first posted, but I can tag to custom1, custom2, etc., and these show up correctly in MediaMonkey.