Help with Script to extract producer from TIPL to TIPL:producer

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Hi, I need help with a script.

I want to be able to score TIPL tag and extract producer, engineer etc. from it>

For example:
INVOLVED PEOPLE value is producer:joe bloggs;engineer:J Bloggs
and save them to a separate PRODUCER and ENGINEER tags
for example:

Can anyone help?

TIPL is the ID3 v2.4 tag, IPLS the tag used in ID3 v2.3. Hence just set the ID3 version in options to 2.4 and Picard will save to TIPL tag. It will still read the IPLS tag in your current files.


Thanks for the advice. Not sure I understand what you mean.

I am already using ID3 v2.4.

Picard will save to procder to (name) INVOLVED PEOPLE (tag code) TIPL (for example) producer:Orrin Keepnews;

I would like to get that information into the tag (Name) PRODUCER (Tag Code) TXXX/TIPL:producer (for example Orrin Keepnews)