Help with Renaming/Tagging Script to Differentiate between Artists

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Hi everyone,

I have a single folder with over 2000 music files in it. I have been using few of the scripts from the repository to manage my collection, but, I wanted to ask that if there is any way I can tweak the script, so only the artist with more than one song in the folder, gets renamed?

For example: Like I have 7 Cage the Elephant songs and 1 Strumbellas song. What the script does now is that it makes a folder for every single artist. But what I want is it to skip the artists that only have a single song in the folder, and only rename and organize the artists that have more than 1 song in the folder

Is it possible or would I have to manually do them?

Not automatically, unfortunately. Think about it this way: Picard only knows of the songs that are currently loaded into the program (a deliberate design decision to avoid needing a persistent database), so how would it distinguish between an artist who only has one song in your library, and a single track you’ve picked from one with many complete albums because that alone needed the update? What you can do, though, is create a dependency on a custom field that then switches the filing logic:

    Miscellaneous single tracks/
        $noop(file name pattern listing artist but not album info),
        $noop(further logic to sort into albums, etc.)

Edit that to fit your own folders, obviously. You would still have to manually add the %artistfolder% field to all the files that you want pulled, but at least you wouldn’t have to deal with moving them yourself and deleting the folders every time you update the tags.

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Maybe post your script here. I am not sure I understand correctly, but are you talking about albums that have songs from more than one artist in them? If so just using albumartist instead of artist for the folder name might solve your issue.