Help with release: How to add remixers to tracks?

Release in question:

Info on release for example on beatport:

I would like to understand how I can properly add the info of the release to MusicBrainz database. How can I add remixers to the tracks of the release (PALASTIC and Common Tiger in this case, respectively)?

I was not able to find an answer searching the documentation for “remixer”.

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to add relationships to a recording, see How to Add Relationships.

For a list of available relationships to add, see Relationship Types. (“Remixer” is an Artist-Recording relationship).

Beyond that, you can also add extra title information to the tracks and recordings, indicating the version. Example:

Shaded In (Common Tiger remix)

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Thanks for your reply, I was able to add the remixer relationship. Is there a way to do this already while adding the release?

No, relationships need to be added after the release has been added.

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Just so you know, if you’re adding multiple relationships to various tracks on one release (and especially if those relationships apply to more than a single track), it can be easier to use the release relationship editor. Still can only happen after you’ve finished creating the release, but at least you don’t have to open sixteen tabs.

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