Help with finding or making tagger script to handle (feat. …)

Hey guys, sorry I couldn’t find a script so far yet that does what I want (only the other way round):

If I have an mp3 that is tagged like

artist: Kanye West
title: Good Life (feat. T-Pain) or Good Life feat. T-Pain or Good Life (Feat. T-Pain)

the script should rename it to:
artist: Kanye West feat. T-Pain
title: Good Life

Is there something like that out there? Often I have releases that are not in the database, so the tags are not automatically fixed.
Would be very cool if something like this existed, otherwise I might be able to reverse the script that [philn96] posted

picard should do that be default unless you are using the plugin that puts the featured artist in to the title


It’s likely that the name is wrong in the database. The long-term solution would be to edit the release in MusicBrainz to move T-Pain to the Artist field.


Thanks guys, unfortunately I’m trying to tag lot of releases that are not in the db yet.

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you can add them to the db that will help others as well :slight_smile:


Backing up @Billy_Yank and @st3v3p, adding them to the database isn’t much more work for you than tagging the tracks manually, and it will save you a lot of time if you ever need to retag. That’s how I got started editing, lol.


Here is a script that can do this for you for files on the left:

$set(artist,$if(%_feat%,%artist% %_feat%,%artist%))

This looks for “feat.” matches in the title, removes it from the title and ads it to the artist. The regular expression used to find the featuring is a bit hard to read due to all the escaping needed, but written plain it is \s+\(?(feat\.[^\)]*). This will match both with and without parantheses, i.e. both " (feat. T-Pain)" and " feat. T-Pain".

To use this do the following:

  • In Options > Scripting add a new script. Give it a nice name, e.g. “Move featuring from title to artist”. Copy and paste the script from above.
  • I would recommend to disable the checkmark in front of the script. This way it will not run automatically for releases loaded on the right, it should not be necessary there.
  • To use it, right click on the files you want to change and select the script in the “Run script” submenu.

Thank you so much, I just realized that you replied to me here - Awesome!

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