Help with file name convention

The windows file system NTFS does not support / characters in file names and a lot of my music uses that so musicbrainz picard just replaces them with _ characters. Personally it does not look so appealing and I wanted to know if you guys change them and if you do what characters do you append instead?

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You could replace them with similar looking unicode characters like this:

For some very special appearences like the separator in AC/DC you could also choose a fancy lightning unicode character to get AC🗲DC.

Ultimately, it depends only on you (and perhaps what your playback equipment can display).

This answer suggest some more possible replacement characters:


I just leave them because I do my browsing/playing using my music player, which has the /'s.

If you use the file browsing much more I can see why you might replace them - I’ve been using Picard so long they almost look normal to me now. Stockholm syndrome I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

I might mount the ntfs drive on my linux and try that script. I tried manually renaming some stuff like for example in this file I changed all the normal / to that slightly different ⁄ 1 - Across the Waters Overture ⁄ Taxident ⁄ Mind Tripper ⁄ 5 O’Clock Tea⁄Satan’s Breakfast ⁄ Underture.flac. It was difficult doing it with the windows file explorer, some stuff does not rendering properly in it to be honest, I ended up doing a lot of this in powershell. I even switched some files to use the slightly different :. Anyways I am sure I will find a way of maybe even doing it with the scripts in picard but it was really helpful, I did not know that I could use unicodes in file names.

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I don’t do much file browing or even look at the names of files that often. I use Foorbar2000, cmus, ncmpcpp and all of them just pick up the metadate information which rendering the titles of my songs properly. The only reason why I am concerned about the files names is OCD :expressionless:

I only linked to it because of the lines #16 to #24. You can replace this characters in MB Picard with scripting commands like
$set(album,$replace(%album%,/, ̸ ))
to replace all slash with a similar looking “unicode slash” in the album tag for example.