Help with field data entry

Hi Everyone

New Non Programmer here. i’ve been strolling through these forms and i can’t find a way to rename a tag field and save the data in the current field. i have a custom field name re-recorded, i wish to rename it re-rec. i don’t know anything about scripting so any help would grateful. not sure if this is the correct to post this. Thank You.

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you could use a script like this in Options > Scripting:


If you activate this script it will run automatically on all files you match to a MusicBrainz release on the right. Or you can run it manually on selected files via right click menu “Run script…”.

One note about the $get: Usually you can access the values of a tag by the proper variable name. So e.g. if your tag is called “rerecorded” you can use %rerecorded%. But the hyphen is not a valid character for a script variable, so %re-recorded% gives a syntax error. In cases like this you need to use $get(re-recorded).