Help translating upcoming Picard 2.2.0

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We expect to release a new stable Picard version in September before the summit. In preparation for this we are looking for help in updating the translations. There have been a couple of changes to the user interface that requires updated translations.

If you want to help go over to Picard’s Transifex translation page and improve the translation for your language. Every small contribution is helpful :slight_smile:

In addition to Picard’s main user interface I recently asked for help translating Picard’s Windows installer.

Thanks in advance to everybody helping out.

For those curious what the next version of Picard will bring, here is the current list of tickets addressed by Picard 2.2.


Is there going to be a release schedule with a string freeze and beta’s and release candidates? Seeing all strings (and their translations) live really helps with translating and spotting mistakes.

String freeze basically is in place with this announcement. Uess something very special comes up I have no plans to merge anything that changes UI.

We hadn’t planned for an extensive beta or RC period, but the plan is to release the new version before the summit. But if you want to see the translations inside the application I can pull in the updated translations in a couple of days and point you all to the development builds.

Development builds would be nice, but it is also a good idea to announce the release date at least a week in advance, so that translators know how much time they have left to finish up the translations.

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I have pushed the current translations. If you want to check here are the latest packages for Windows and macOS:

I will talk to @zas about this and we’ll see for a date. It depends a bit how we personally have time. I think aiming at the weekend before the Summit might be a good idea, that would mean a release around September 21. / 22.