Help to finalize the translations for Picard 2.7

zas and I plan to do the final release of Picard 2.7 on next Tuesday, December 14th. So this is a good time for everyone who wants to help translate Picard to jump in and fill in some holes.

Translating is easy and can be done online: Head over to MusicBrainz’s translation page on Transifex and click on “Help Translate MusicBrainz”.
Once you have registered an account on Transifex you can start translating. For Picard the primary resource to translate is “picard“, but there is also the “picard_appstream” resource, which is used for providing descriptions for various Linux software-center applications, and “picard_installer”, which contains the translations for Picard’s Windows installer.

Also there will definitely be a Picard 2.7.1 a few weeks later, so it’s great to also help with improving translations after the 2.7 release.

Please also take the release date above as a goal, but not as a definitive date. There is always the chance that things get in the way, related or unrelated to Picard, and that we will delay the release a bit :wink:


I dived in to check that Proper non-US English is up to date. I have just sorted out English (UK) and English (Australian). But for some reason I am not a Reviewer on English (Canadian) any more. Can you fix this for me? I can then complete the set. Thanks.

All changes completed on the three Picard sections.

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No I can’t. Maybe @kepstin is set as coordinator for the Canadian English group, so probably he can.

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Okay. Thanks. I had not logged in for a couple of years, so the system has changed a little bit. The important point is all is caught up now on the three alternate English. I don’t know if the Reviewed button has to be pressed before Picard gets the data. I’ll leave that for @kepstin to sort. :slight_smile:

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No, we take it unreviewed :slight_smile: There simply aren’t enough translators for most languages.

Thanks a lot for checking the English spellings. It’s easy to mix the small variations up as a non native speaker.

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It is now fully Standardised \ Standardized (delete as applicable) :wink:. Glad to help add that little bit of polish in the corners.


Well, huh. I didn’t even know I was the (only?) coordinator on the English (Canada) language. I feel like there used to be more people there…

I am technically able to promote people to reviewer, but I’m honestly not familiar with how MusicBrainz uses Transifex or who it would be appropriate to promote.


Hi @kepstin - Transflex is a lonely place as no way to talk to each other that I have found. Would be nice to leave notes on a project to say “I have been here”.

So “Hi”. I am a Brit who keeps the English(UK)(Aus)(Can) up to date. Don’t think anyone else is looking after Proper English :wink:

I translate the English as “only what is needed”. So any common words will be left untranslated and default to US. Easier to spot what needs doing then. Colour, Licence, Catalogue, etc get sorted. Words like Standardise\ize are picked out too as (UK) and (Aus) spelling these differently but Canadian’s follow US.

My main Canadian reference is this Quick Reference as I know Canadian’s share a middle ground between British and USA.