Help simplifying or uninstalling classical extras

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I’m an IT consultant, so I don’t want to turn my music library into more “work”. I’ve spent dozens of hours trying to get ripping and tagging working with EAC, Lame, MP3Tag, Picard, etc… I abandoned Picard because of the learning curve. I couldn’t get tagging working with other programs, so I’m back at Picard. I have classical extras enabled, because I mostly listen to classical music. I have a “No file with matching trackid” error, which I understand relates to classical extras.

Could someone please give me either:

  1. A simple set of all printscreens needed to setup classical extras in Picard in a way that will be very nearly trouble-free; or
  2. The simplest, most trouble-free way to uninstall classical extras and just use reliable methods and settings in Picard to tag my CDs?

I appreciate all the work and ingenuity that has gone into MusicBrainz, Picard, and classical extras, but for my health and sanity’s sake, I just can’t keep doing this. For my part, I’m looking for more simple wisdom and peace and less complex ingenuity and stress.

Any help will be much appreciated. 'Best to you all!

I uninstalled Classical Extras because it is incompatible with Japanese popular music and because it keeps changing my Picard settings.

Maybe it works if you’re actually dealing with classical releases, which MusicBrainz heavily stylizes away from how the label/artist “intended” it to look, but it does harm to my library.

I don’t use Classical Extras, but all you should need to do is go into Options \ Plugins and remove it from that list.

And don’t stress about Picard. Like any powerful tool it takes a bit to learn it, but once you are in control there is a huge level of power you can pull out of it by modifying and scripting it to tweak it to exactly what you need…

The easiest thing to do is to get rid of your plugins, use the default script, and hit save after matching your releases.

But maybe you have some specific needs that aren’t that simple? That is where you start to lay the bricks of your new prison, as you already know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Welcome to the Brave New World of open source - where if we want programs to work as we expect we all have to become programmers.

No need for.programming here.

@smoore33 Uninstalling classical extras can be done in Options > Plugins, as already recommended by others above.

Otherwise I would recommend you try first with Standard settings, and adapt it to your needs. Without knowing what exactly you want it is difficult to give concrete recommendations.

If you want to just save tags, then enable “Save tags to files”. Also you might want 5o enable release and track relationships in the tab options, so you get things like performance credits and composers etc. Test that with a few releases and see if the tags are to your satisfaction. If not you can ask here for help with specific changes.

If you want to use Picard rename your files and place them in a specific folder hierarchy, then go to the renaming options, set a base directory where your files should be saved and enable renaming and moving of files. The default naming script places files in an Artist/Release fder hierarchy. Again, test this with a few releases and see if it fits your needs. If you want something different you can customize the file naming script and ask here for specific help.

Also see the documentation:

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Picard 2.7 broke the Classical Extras plugin.
Try again with 2.6.4?