Help removing release type from album title

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I have some EPs that the tagger insists on naming “[Title] EP,” when that’s not their title on every other source. An example is Boards of Canada - Twoism. My sloppy script attempt doesn’t seem to be doing anything

Is this a problem with the file naming or how the tag is saved in the file? Is your script (shown above) in a tagging script or is it part of the file naming script? If this is a problem with file naming, could you post your full naming script, so we can see what might be causing the problem? Also what is the expected (desired) result and what is the actual result? Thanks.

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The full naming script is
$if($eq($matchedtracks(),1),$set(albumartist,Various Artists))$set(_feat,$rsearch(%artist%,\(?<=\\sfeat\\.\).*|\(?<=\\sft\\.\).*|\(?<=\\sFt\\.\).*|\(?<=\\sFeat\\.\).*)) $set(_feat,$if(%_feat%,%_feat%,$rsearch(%artist%,\(?<=\\sfeat\\s\).*|\(?<=\\sft\\s\).*|\(?<=\\sFt\\s\).*|\(?<=\\sFeat\\s\).*))) $set(artist,$if(%_feat%,$rreplace(%artist%, feat\\.?.*| Feat\\.?.*| Ft\\.?.*| ft\\.?.*,),%artist%)) $if($eq(%releasetype%,EP),$set(album,$truncate(%album%,-3)))) $swapprefix(%albumartist%)/%album%/$if($gt(%totaldiscs%,1),%discnumber%-$num(%tracknumber%,2),$num(%tracknumber%,2)). $if($eq(%albumartist%,%artist%),%title%,%artist% - %title%)$if(%_feat%,$if($rsearch(%title%,\\sfeat\\.?|\\sFeat\\.?|\\sft\\.?|\\sFt\\.?),, feat.%_feat%),)

I can’t explain the problem other than when it matches the album, the album shows up in picard and saves to the file and to the tag as (following my previous example example) “Twoism EP” when i want it to save as “Twoism”.

You don’t by any chance have the Release Type plugin enabled?


That sure sounds like it because I don’t see any thing in the scripts that would add that to the album title. One thing I forgot to ask the OP was what plugins they had enabled. Good catch!

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Oh yup there’s the problem 🤦. Thanks you two

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