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I need little help with something with MusicBrainz Picard. I kind of understand the basics of MusicBrainz Picard. Am having some issue with some of the tracks not all of them just a few of them I hope someone can clean this up for me or point me to the right direction. Am a DJ for a living sometimes you forget to organize the most important part of the job fixing your music. So I got a new HD am organizing my folder etc.

So here my issue is trying to organize my music by artist-year-album etc most of the tracks are getting place right place without any issue. Then when it comes to some of these files like ( U & Dat (BPM Supreme Chorus first acapella outro) (Dirty) all the metadata is in the right place and the cover picture is there too. Put when I go hit lookup or scan the software won’t put on the left side to be saved etc.

and this what am using for the script and file name
Name Files : %artist%/%date%/%album%/%artist% - %title%
Advanced Scripting Tagger Script: $set(date,$left(%date%,4))

If any of you know what am doing wrong and point me in the right direction. or there is a topic on this that someone can link me too that would be great. my hope isn’t that high I know that MusicBrainz Picard uses an online database to recreate the metadata for tracks but you never know there might be a script out there that can help me out

thank you for your time


Searching for the recording you mentioned it seems not to exist in the database, that would explain why Look up and Scan fail.

You need to create the release in order it appears. Then looking a bit around I can’t easily find an official source with this version (Cd or Vinyl), would you know where it was originally released?

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That track is interesting as your image shows no “album” for it. No name as to the source single or album. Just listed as a standalone.

Could it be from a mix CD? When looking at Discogs the actual track on the single is more like 3:50 in length and your track there is only 1:00

As you have track name tags, you probably don’t need more detail. Depends what you are using the track for? Is your player happy to show those details as they are now?