Help on track titling for Chailly/Stravinsky release

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This guy:

Here’s the tracklist page from the pdf booklet:

What would be the recommended track titles for, say, tracks 4 and 8? I’m mostly concerned about these Roman numeral part numbers (“Partie I”) with no punctuation after them; I feel like things like “I La Bergère” look bad, but that’s how they’re typeset in the book, so…?

The booklet doesn’t really say “I La Bergère” with no punctuation and a space between name and roman numeral. It puts the movement numbers in their own column left of the name.

Since you can’t do that with text, just represent the typesetting standardized as “I. La Bergère”.


What about “Partie I L’Adoration de la terre” and “Partie II Le Sacrifice”? In those cases the booklet really does just have a space.

Yeah, that’s just ugly.

The track list on itunes has Le sacre du printemps, Pt. 1 “L’adoration de la terre”, which makes more sense. I’d import that, and ignore the booklet. :slight_smile:

CSG says track names should be the full title, other than that we mostly avoid standardizing — we enter what was printed, except for mistakes (e.g., fixing a typo in the original).

So something like:

Le sacre du printemps : Partie I L’Adoration de la terre : Les Augures printaniers — Danses des adolescentes

(I hope I haven’t made any typos). I’m told French uses spaces on both sides of colons.