Help - How do I see my files? / reset the UI

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I’m running Picard 1.4.2, I did something in the configuration and now I cannot see my files

Notice the 12 files shown on the bottom of the menu.

I’ve tried resetting all defaults, uninstalled Picard and rebooted…(windows 10)

I must be missing something obvious…
Thanks in anticipation


I can get my Picard to look like that if I pull the pane that has Tag/Original Value/New Value up to the top of the workspace.

To get things back I put my mouse cursor at the join between the bottom of the toolbar and the top of the Tag/Original Value/New Value pane - a Double Direction Arrow appears, and holding my left mouse button down, I drag downwards.

Good luck.


Try to delete the following path


or at least the included


Newbie warning for Mac: after plugin-installation 1.4.2 worked very bad, 2.0.0 no longer at all

Thanks. That fixed it!