Help adding box-sets

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Recently I’ve come across a release by キャンディーズ which is a 20 CD box-set.
As far as I can tell, this release consists of every LP released by the group, in release order and contains bonus tracks in each medium. Only a few of these exist in MB now.

I’ve just finished reading a post from 2016 where it was discussed how to properly add these kind of releases to the database.
Since most of the albums that make up for this release don’t exist in the database I’m going to:

  • Create a RG for each one of them based on the original release date
  • Create the RG for the box-set
  • Link the 20 RG to the box-set.

So far, so good.
I have a few questions about the whole process tho.
Is it possible to indicate in the relationship “RG A is Medium X in RG B”? Since the box-set is ordered I think this could be useful.
For the box-set itself I plan on adding the Album Title of each RG as Disc Title since that’s how I’ve seen it labeled and also how I got the ripped files. (As in Box-set -> Disc 1 あなたに夢中 ⁄ 内気なキャンディーズ -> tracks).
But this also bugs me a bit because the official page I linked lists each title as Disc Title [Original Release Date] and I don’t know if I should add it like that or exclude the date because scans of the cover art and the disc itself exclude it.

Since it’s such a huge compilation I was also wondering if there is a way to mass select the RG to point to this particular kind of relationship? Or should I open each RG in a separate tab and then select one by one?

Also, the compilation has bonus tracks in each medium, this doesn’t negate the relationship, right? I’m almost 100% sure it doesn’t but since it’s the first time I’m adding something like this I figured I should ask.

EDIT: I also found that some of the recordings are translated versions of other songs. This is also a first for me and I couldn’t find the proper documentation on how to add this particular relationship. It’d be a huge help if someone could point me to it.

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Regarding the translated songs, there should be new Works for them with a “translated version of” relationship to the original (and a “translated by” relationship if known). You can see that the song you linked already has a number of translated versions that you can use for reference.


So it was a Work - Work relationship, that was my doubt, thanks!

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