Heintje / Heintje Simons / Hein Simons: Merge?

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Currently we have 3 artists for Hendrik Nikolaas Theodoor Simons:

Hein is a diminutive (nickname) for Hendrik (or Heinrich).
Heintje (added “tje”) is the Dutch diminutive for Hein as child.

Heintje was typically used at the beginning, 1960s and early 1970s.
Heintje Simons was used afterwards.
Hein Simons is currently used.

Within these three artists we have artist credits “Heintje Simons” and “Hein Simons” at artist Heintje and “Heintje Simons” at artist Hein Simons.

I think, this not an optimal situation but I’m not sure what would be the best solution.
Should the artists be merged somehow? Merge to one artist? To two artists?
If only “Heintje” and “Hein Simons” would have been used, it might be acceptable for me to have two artists: “Heintje” for his child-performances and “Hein Simons” for his adult-performances.
With using “Heintje Simons” between, incl. artist credits at other artists, it gets more difficult.

What to do?

I’d merge them. They’re just variations on his name, and not separate projects.

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I would merge all three under the most recently used name Hein Simons (leaving any “credited as” under the original name, of course). I don’t see any indication that there any deliberate artistic distinction between recordings released under the variations.


BTW: I found an intresesting style of his name on release Ich schenk’ dir meine Liebe: HEINtje SIMONS