Heads to start contributing


I have recently started contributing to open source projects and stumbled across Metabrainz. I loved concept, especially AcousticBrainz and MusicBrainz, Picard. I went through the basic getting started section, edited the database a bit, solved some very minor issues and have looked through the source code of picard, python is my language of choice. However, I am not able to grasp things, to a level where I could solve technical bugs and approach things in a more familiar manner.

I’d love if someone could give me a heads up on how to approach the technologies that are being used and gain more familiarity with the codebase.


Main entry point is our bug tracker https://tickets.metabrainz.org/

Look at unsolved issues from Picard project (or whichever project you prefer), use IRC #metabrainz to ask about those issues (some may look easy to fix but aren’t).
Some devs are currently porting Picard to Qt5/Python3, it could be a good start to help on that.