Headliners and Sidemen website

@jdimm has created a website using musicbrainz data:


“It answers the question: What were the musicians who played on this album doing before and after?”

Too cool :sunglasses:


Slight side track into the IMDb powered ‘Cast and Crew’ section - @jdimm does this actually provide crew details? Looks like just cast to me?

I have a vested interest :stuck_out_tongue:

An oddity I noticed - The Complete Columbia J. J. Johnson Small Group Sessions is listed as by “Anders Elmén”. (Looks to be an issue with other J.J. Johnson releases as well.)

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Hmmm… it’s what I’m seeing in the data:

-[ RECORD 1 ]-+---------------------------------------------------------
id            | 753973
gid           | 6c131f32-7f6b-398b-b7f0-56f4cbbada16
name          | The Complete Columbia J. J. Johnson Small Group Sessions
artist_credit | 862201
type          | 1
comment       | 
edits_pending | 0
last_updated  | 2016-12-19 23:00:24.976787+01

-[ RECORD 1 ]----+-------------------------------------
id               | 862201
gid              | f61d1006-79c9-4443-93f8-89d94b225b1b
name             | Anders Elmén
sort_name        | Elmén, Anders
begin_date_year  | 1973
begin_date_month | 4
begin_date_day   | 14
end_date_year    | 
end_date_month   | 
end_date_day     | 
type             | 1
area             | 202
gender           | 1
comment          | Moon
edits_pending    | 0
last_updated     | 2012-01-31 21:27:25.503942+01
ended            | f
begin_area       | 
end_area         | 

You got me there. One of the public imdb datasets is named title.crew, where by “crew” they mean director and writers, which is odd. I used the name “cast and crew” because at first I was hoping to get key grip and best boy and everything, and that those connections would be interesting. But imdb stopped supplying that data.

Anyway, I’m looking for better names for the movies and tv series UI than “Cast and Crew”. I wanted to call one of them “The Collaborators”, but my wife is french and she won’t let me. Bad connotations.

Any suggestions?

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Is it a mismatch between artist and artist credit? There is an artist credit 862201 for JJ. Not sure why it exists - it seems to be identical to primary artist name - but it does.

Just noticing the same thing. Fixing…

Fixed, and thanks for pointing that out.

For reference, the release_group table has an artist_credit field, which I assumed would point to the artist table. Wrong, it points to the artist_credit table, which has its own “name” field.

By the way, my urls use MBID now instead of the internal id, so here it is for The Complete Columbia J. J. Johnson Small Group Sessions


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Aw that’s a real shame. Film is so much more than a director and some actors.

p.s. I really did think about other possible names… but came up empty sorry!

Could you add search by MBID? Right now the website throws people with the same name on the same heap.

Maybe something like Staff?

The search is done in postgres using the GIN (Generalized Inverted Index)-based index . Not great. My query using that index returns the first 5 items in each year that match the query keywords.

To clear out all the random stuff, once you see the artist, click on the name to retrieve by the artist’s MBID.


(I could check to see if you have typed the exact name of an artist or release group and return that instead.)

To search by release group MBID, click on a poster.