Hangs on "loading album information"

When I select the green tagger button for a selected album on Musicbrainz, Picard says it is loading album information, but nothing happens. I have waited for up to an hour, and still nothing.

I’m using Google Chrome (Version 73.0.3683.103) on Windows 10 Pro (Version 1809), and Musicbrainz Picard v2.1.3.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Do you have any plugins enabled in Picard?

Yes, just APIseedslyrics. Could this be the problem?

I find that usually plugins are the hang up, although I’m not familiar with that one specifically. Take a look at your error/debug log to see if anything jumps out at you.


Sounds like the plugin may not have been updated for v2 or is just running a bit out of date.

Try running without the plugin enabled. Easy to turn off in the Options. Do your initial release identification without that plugin. Then the tagger button will work for you.

Once you have hit Save and got all the tags setup, go into Plugins and turn that Lryics plugin back on, hit Refresh. Does it now pull the lyrics in without stall? If yes, hit Save.