Handling of enhanced CDs (CDs with data tracks with media in them)


I believe PIcard could be improved on how it currently handles enhanced CDs - or I’m missing something.

The problem is, that Picard has trouble finding a release I have the audio tracks on. I need to look it up manually. Furthermore, when I put the files into this enhanced release, the release is always shown as incomplete by Picard - which is a bit supoptimal, since PIcard can not understand or tag the file entry in most cases. It will always show the “incomplete” icon (silver disc) in these cases.

An example: Release “Do You Party?” by The Soft Pink Truth - MusicBrainz

I have other similar CDs; actually most/all enhanced CDs fall into this category, save for those which are copy-protected and only have a related data track, or maybe some oddball CD with lyrics only etc. - or for whatever reason, there are no track entries in MusicBrainz for the data part.

I feel like Picard should just ignore entries it can not handle by default when looking up a release, and show “complete” if all other entries (save for those it can not understand) have been found.

What do you think? Am I missing something in Picard’s functionality?

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You can set Picard to ignore certain track types for the check whether a release is complete in Options > Advanced. If you set it to ignore data or video tracks (both criteria apply in your example) then this track is shown in gray and the release counts as complete even if you have not attached a file to this track.


Thanks @outsidecontext!

I was thinking I’m perhaps missing something obvious. I’ve never found those options before. Sounds like these will do exactly what I’m looking for =)

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Currently this is only used for the completion check. We could indeed optimize this to also consider it e.g. when checking for the number of tracks. Although this might become tricky, as it at least partially also relies on the MB server search.


Old disc ID could be generated wrongly.
Please submit your new disc ID.
Because CD lookups should work.

To this sentence I would always add: “…but please make sure that it is exactly this release! And write a comment about the matching/not matching discID.”

But it’s probably not about CD lookup. @viilee-aa added the release and disc ID themselves.

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