Handling library limitations - send one artist MBID, or none at all?

I’m helping out on a plugin that submits listens to LB via MusicBee, and I’ve been wondering how to handle the limitations in the tag reading library I’m using. As MusicBee doesn’t support grabbing MBIDs from its plugin API, TagLib# was agreed upon as the library to directly grab the required tags, and it supports MusicBrainz IDs… albeit inconsistently when it comes to multi-value MBIDs such as track artist MBIDs.

By default, and by design, it only retrieves one artist MBID even if there are multiple ones. I’ve worked around it for ID3v2, APE and Xiph/Vorbis and managed to retrieve multiple MBIDs for those formats, however for WMA/ASF and MP4 containers, I’ve not been able to find a workaround.

Which leads me to ask this: should I add the one artist MBID that is retrievable for the other formats, or not send one at all? I want to send as accurate information to ListenBrainz, so I figured I’d ask here.


Having discussed this with @alastairp, we think sending MBIDs on a best effort basis is fine so 1 is better than none. Since the recording_mbid is available, we can try to fill in the missing data from MB after the listens are inserted in LB.