Handling Corrupt or unreadable files


I’ve only just downloaded and started playing with Musicbrains Picard. Great tool, really powerful. However I have a few issues that I cannot find an answer to. I have what appear to be a number of files that have become corrupted over time, not sure how or why. When I add a folder to Picard, it scans and adds files, and removes these corrupt files logging the below errors along the way. All well and good, if a file is corrupt such that it won’t play, I wouldn’t expect Picard to be able to do anything with it. However, this isn’t always the case, and sometimes Picard skips files that are intact, and playable. Clearly working with hundreds or thousands of files, I’d like to be able to understand which are corrupt and which are not. I expect Picard is hitting some limit of unreadable files and aborting the import. You then end up with some correctly imported files, which I can lookup, rename and reorganise, then a load of other files, which are a mix of corrupt and intact files, which are just bunched together.

D: 20:33:09 Adding files [<File u'19 Simon  Garfunkel - Different Albums - Bridge Over Troubled Water.Mp3'>]
D: 20:33:09 Moving <File u'19 Simon  Garfunkel - Different Albums - Bridge Over Troubled Water.Mp3'> from None to <Cluster u'Unmatched Files'>
D: 20:33:09 Loading file u'X:\\__~~Unsorted\\19 Simon  Garfunkel\\Different Albums\\19 Simon  Garfunkel - Different Albums - Bridge Over Troubled Water.Mp3'
D: 20:33:09 Removing <File u'19 Everlasting Love - Different Albums - Jamie Cullum.Mp3'> from <Cluster u'Unmatched Files'>
E: 20:33:09 Unsupported media file <File u'19 Everlasting Love - Different Albums - Jamie Cullum.Mp3'> wrongly loaded. Removing ...
D: 20:33:09 Adding 1 files from 'u'X:\\__~~Unsorted\\20 Bridge Over Troubled Water\\Different Albums''
E: 20:33:09 Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "picard\util\thread.pyo", line 46, in run
  File "picard\formats\id3.pyo", line 180, in _load
  File "picard\formats\id3.pyo", line 559, in _get_file
  File "mutagen\_file.pyo", line 48, in __init__
  File "mutagen\_util.pyo", line 123, in wrapper
  File "mutagen\id3\_file.pyo", line 406, in load
  File "mutagen\_util.pyo", line 152, in wrapper
  File "mutagen\mp3\__init__.pyo", line 387, in __init__
HeaderNotFoundError: can't sync to MPEG frame

Can anyone explain further what exactly is happening here for my understanding.
Secondly, is there any way that I can force Picard to move those corrupt files out to a separate location. Or alternatively force it to continue scanning the remaining files instead of simply ceasing.

Also, I have a full debug log, but the attach file option doesn’t allow .txt files. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any help in advance.


Anybody? Any suggestions or thoughts?


That is the case with all of the files I have gotten so far, they play and show up on my phone without trouble. Like you, I want to know why so at least I can avoid it. :worried: