Handling Albums tagged Partial / Incomplete due to duplicate/extra tracks [Solved]

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Now… if I can come up with a way to deal with albums that are marked incomplete due to too many tracks vs. too few. :slight_smile: To me, that’s a different problem. I need to see if there’s a way to count/compare tracks, know if there are extras and if so, set %_incomplete(0) back to false before it’s saved.

btw if this is a question it is hard for any one to know what you wont help with. :slight_smile:

What I wont help with? :wink:

Ya, I kinda forgot to close it with a question in the statement.

I found %totaltracks% referenced in scripts, but I can’t find it documented in Scripting/Functions.

This is what I’ve come up with, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
I have an album that has each track in it twice, so it’s got 20 tracks, I presume that at least 10 should be matched, so it should be $eq, and then I tried $gte just incase… same result.

$noop(★ Set where to put Albums with Extra Tracks otherwise marked as incomplete ★)
$noop(★ Incomplete in custom directory ★)
$if(%_isIncomplete%,- %_incompleteFolder%,)

Have a look in https://picard.musicbrainz.org/docs/tags/ instead.

Here’s how I ended up dealing with this:

$if($eq(%_extraTrackHandling%,1),$if($eq($is_complete(),0),$if($lt($matchedtracks( ),%_totalalbumtracks%), - %_incompleteDirectory%)),$if(%_isIncomplete%,- %_incompleteDirectory%,))/

I set _extraTrackHandling to enable or disable this whole thing.

If Disabled - $set(_extraTrackHandling,0)
No? - Go do it the normal way. Anything but perfect is marked ‘incomplete’ (Missing, Extra Tracks, etc.)

If Enabled - $set(_extraTrackHandling,1)

Yes? - Is the album complete? If it’s a Perfect Album then move on, we’re done here
… Move along, these are not the tracks we are looking for.

No? - Okay, -why- is it incomplete? Too few, or too many tracks?

$if($lt($matchedtracks( ),%_totalalbumtracks%)
Is the amount of Tracks matched less than the amount of Tracks on the Album?
Yes? - Then it really is Incomplete. Echo the %_incompleteDirectory

No? - *So, it has more than it should. %_incompleteDirectory is NOT echoed. We’re Done!
… Congratulations, You’ve Won! You get Extra Stuff Free!

Bouncing off the Satellites [Vinyl] [1986] [Official] [MCA] [AB-DC001]/
Bouncing off the Satellites [Vinyl] [1986] [Official] [MCA] [AB-DC001] - Incomplete/

That’s All Folks!


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