Guide on how to tag files with replay gain without messing with the plugin. (Linux)

Hello all! I like replaygain for pop music, so I am here to share with you the ultimate solution I found.

Which is to utilize the script provided here by this blogger:

Necessary installations for command metaflac:

I decided not to use the plug in because there is too much that I have to mess with, including downloading external executable and pointing picard to use it, saving problems etc.

My way is a little easier.

  1. Open folder location
  2. open command prompt at locatoin
  3. cd ..
  4. `sh [name of album folder]


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My recommendation instead of using the individual tools like mp3gain etc. would be to use a single more modern tool like loudgain (which I personally use) or regainer.

Both are using the ReplayGain 2.0 specification.

Multiple people have also talked about updating the replaygain plugin by integrating the functionality of either loudgain or regainer directly into Picard, but so far nobody has actually done it :slight_smile:


Good to know, will check those apps out.

I think the metaflac is also replay gain 2.0, or is it not?

Not sure, might be. But if is definitely FLAC only.

Yes, that is indeed a problem with my method.

Also, FWIW, regainer is made and maintained by fellow MB editor @kepstin :slight_smile: